Saturday, 10 October 2009

Sun Rises and Sets

Finally I could get some pictures up! We recently got "faster" internet here, so I might actually be able to hear your voices if we skype! Also, I changed the settings on this blog thing (didn't realize you could) so that anyone can post a comment. So now if you want to comment on anything or respond back or ask questions, go ahead! Or you can always email me too :-)
Oh, and just so everyone know, DEREK IS COMING ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He left a few days ago and arrived in Amsterdam, and has been traveling around there for a bit. He's making his way to Paris and will fly here on Tuesday. Needless to say I am so excited. This next weekend starts break, so after that I'll have some good stories to tell about our adventures: I believe we'll go on a bush medicine trip, visit my cooperating teacher's village from when he was in peace corp, and go to the beach (Limbe this time) and see Mount Cameroon. I'm pumped! And my dad comes in 2 weekends as well, after his trip to a seminary with my church. So please pray for safety for both him and Derek.

Here are some pictures from Anjana's (I'm living with her now) porch- her apartment faces the east, so we get the best sunrises ever. Since we have to get up early for work anyways, I've been getting up a little bit earlier to eat breakfast on the balcony and watch the sun rise, it's really a great way to start the day. And I may talk about the sun and the clouds a lot here, but really, every day the clouds are beautiful. There are just so many all the time, I've never see blue skies.

This is a rainstorm coming in- its so fun to watch them come and then all the sudden its pouring rain.

There was a storm coming in really fast, and I quick ran to get my camera and saw this awesome rainbow. It only lasted a few minutes, before it was a total storm here, but it was so cool.

So here's some more from Kribi (the beach) which was a few weekends ago:This one is just a little trail we went on to look at that huge waterfall- the trees are huge and everything is super green. This picture doesn't really capture it though.
This is the view from the beach at our hotel- perfect sunsets. Although, that barge out there is for the oil rig, which is in all my pictures :-)
This is me and Raissi (or Riessa, as I've been spelling it), trying to get the sunset in the background. Beautiful isn't she?


  1. Grace, I glad that you now have higher speed internet so normal people like me can post comments for you and you can show some photos. I love reading your observations & insights into Cameroon. I have past on your blog address to others at VCBC and the extended family, so many others will be able to read it. I am preparing to teach 17 sessions on church planting for the pastors gathering at Ndu, Cameroon. Pastor Jay and I arrive there one week from today. It will be great to see you there in Yaounda for one day at the end of the missions trip, on October 26. Please stay safe! I love you. Dad

  2. Grace, It's Sunday AM and I have some time to read over my Sunday school lesson before church. My little group of eleventh and 12th graders are studying the book of Mark with me using NBS study guides. I have a great group this time. Everyone participates easily. I'm enjoying helping them see things in the Word which they don't notice at first.
    Luke comes home for a visit his Friday for four days. It will be nice for me to see him! So you will have Dad and Derek and I will have Luke (and Lucy)! Can't wait until we are all together. Hope to talk to you live this afternoon. LOVE ALWAYS: Mom